Wellness is Wholeness

It would be so amazing if a workout program, a school of thought, a special diet or any one act of wellness actually equated to being well.  Singularly they all contribute, but wellness is an ever evolving process and a combination of many aspects being in balance.

Wholeness is the path that will lead you to wellness, there is no singular action that will make you well – it’s an accumulation of actions in the seven aspects of the wellness pie that will pave the path to wellness.

Simplified: wellness is not an act, but a goal to be achieved and wholeness is the path to wellness.  

Let’s get clear about what both words mean, let’s start with wellness.

So what is wellness?  If you are confused about wellness, you are not alone – wellness is one of the most over used words in today’s society. 

Even as a wellness guru I am always looking for new ways to add to my wellness arsenal, which is why I love research and seminars. 

Webster’s dictionary defines wellness as the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.

It’s no secret that people are looking to get well.   Marketing researchers and advertising gurus know people are looking for the answers on how to get well

Global healthcare spending in on the rise, but so is global sickness.  Seem like a bit of an oxymoron to me, that as we spend more and more money on “healthcare” and yet we are getting sicker – shouldn’t we be healthier? 

Research on global spending is available to anyone on the Internet, by simply searching data and statistics via the World Health Organization and other sites with accumulative data.  

Research on global or country specific patterns is the information that marketing researchers and advertising gurus use to get the data they need to effectively market their client’s products to you. 

The data reflects what people are looking to purchase, and its clear people are looking for ways to get well.  This is exactly why the term wellness is slapped on any product that does anything to increase your level of wellness in one of the seven areas of wellness (refer to wellness pie).

Are they WRONG? 

The answer is NO.  

Truth be told most of the products that say wellness are better for you than the ones that don’t. The ones that don’t contribute to wellness should say sickness in BIG BOLD letters – SICKNESS.  But, just because a product says wellness does not mean that that one product alone will make you well nor will it keep you well.  

True Wellness is achieved through WHOLENESS.  

When I looked up the definition of Wholeness in Webster’s Dictionary online, I nearly fell out of my chair, I wanted to call everyone I know and say, “Listen to this…”  Keep in mind that I had already started using the term wholeness because I knew it meant the first half of the definition – “containing all components; complete, and not divided or disjoined; in one unit.”  But then it read – having been restored; healed.

So, what’s your balance? 

We are all unique and at a different level of wellness, some people are fine tuning their plan while other are just beginning.  

It is not important where you are in the journey, but rather what your ultimate goal is.  If you’re looking to achieve better overall wellness through wholeness then follow these steps: 

  1. Assess all seven areas: familial, nutritional, environmental, financial, emotional, physical, and chemical.  Which of these areas are the weakest? If there is more than one do not panic, just pick one for now.
  2. Write out why you want/need wellness in this area.  Your why will motivate you, there is probably a reason this area is so low.  Maybe you are not interested or it’s too hard – your why will help shift your consciousness.
  3. Look at three changes you can make which will help create wellness in this area.
  4. Start implementing, set a goal for three weeks and watch balance unfold.
  5. After three weeks, reexamine all seven slices of the wellness pie and pick the next weakest! Enjoy!

This is your life and only you can decide how you will live it, personally I am choosing to live it Well! Choose wisely…choose wholeness.  

Enhancing your life expression, 

Dr. Martha Nessler

Myths of Health and Wellness

Are myths on health and wellness holding you back from healing? 

What if I told you that you are self-healing, self-regulating and designed to express optimal health – would you believe me? 

Well, believe it or not, you are – every living human being possesses Innate Intelligence (I will have a blog upcoming on this), which governs all human functions and maintains homeostasis.

You are probably wondering what in the world is going wrong and why are so many people so sick, if in fact we are self-healing, self-regulating and designed to express optimal health?!?! 

It’s a combination of beliefs that when accumulated together create the thought that sickness and disease are inevitable.  

In order to help shift this engrained belief system that we have had reaffirmed since childhood, we need to clear up a few myths! 

Symptoms mean you are sick and are a “bad thing”. 

On the contrary, symptoms indicate you are well and that your body is functioning to keep you healthy! 

I know it’s hard to wrap your head around but diarrhea, fever, runny nose and a wide variety of other symptoms are all signs that your body is acutely aware of a foreign invader, virus or bacteria and is trying to eliminate them.

Symptoms for three to four days are a sign that your innate intelligence is 100%, you are well.  

I need to take an over-the-counter for my symptoms because I don’t feel well or because symptoms are bad.  

The information above shows us that within reason we need to allow our innate intelligence to create homeostasis within our human body.  

When we introduce foreign substances into our body that are synthetic and man made, it’s a distraction, which interferes with innate intelligence’s focus and that is your optimal function. 

There are many holistic alternatives to popping a synthetic pill.  Personally, my family and I choose chiropractic and essential oils along with living a lifestyle that has a balanced wellness pie

Always do what you can to aid your body in healing, but if you are at all concerned about the intensity of your symptoms, definitely seek medical attention or go directly to the emergency room.

Disease is a “normal” part of ageing.

You can age without having disease, living a life of health and longevity.  Your health, just like anything else, is directly proportional to what you are willing to spend.  What you choose to invest depicts what you will profit.   

Your genes define how healthy you are – not your choices. 

Your Choices play the largest role in your expression of health! There are three main factors that affect an individual’s expression of a health: Healthcare -2%, Genetics – 10%, and Lifestyle – 88%! 

While genetics are only 10% of what affects your health, the study of epigenetics, reveals that if you change your lifestyle you can alter your genetics – giving even more support to the importance of changing your lifestyle!

I am too old, fat, or sick to get well!

You are never too old, fat or sick to get well! It all depends on whether you are willing to make the decision to get well! 

Yes, I said decision.  

Don’t wait for motivation, you may just wait forever.  Motivation comes after you decide how healthy you want to be! 

You can’t change your habits right away, but you can change your values and this will motivate you.  

I feel healthy, which means I am healthy!

I wish how one felt was indicative of how they were functioning, being healthy would be so much easier! 

I work with people every day as a personal wellness coach who tell me that they had no idea they were as sick or diseased as they just found out! More often than not I hear “I really thought I was okay?”


Once you have picked up your jaw up off your keyboard or your smartphone off the floor you can resume reading!

Once the initial shock has worn off, take a deep breath and realize you hold the keys to your life experience.  Today you can choose how you continue this beautiful journey and to what level your existence is expressed!

I hope you stick around RAW [Real} Authentic Wellness and start proactively making changes that enhance your overall wellness and life experience!

Its time to get REAL about YOUR health – be a REAL Human Being and live a life of wholeness!

My next blog is on wholeness, you won’t want to miss that one!

Expressing Full Human Existence, 

Dr Martha Nessler

Disclaimer: Take precaution and visit your doctor or hospital (in serious cases) if you are not getting well.

“One man’s passion is another man’s poison”

Everyone has different tastes.  Some people love physical exertion while others are passionate about reading.  I love to write and create but ask me to do accounting and I break out in a cold sweat!  Stress is a very personal issue.  In a physics and chemistry world, stress is viewed as a force. Simple and straightforward.  Newton’s laws rule.  But add emotion to the mix  and all of a sudden, stress now “feels” different. Our values and attitudes can change a passion to a poison in a millisecond. It’s for this reason we need to distinguish stress from dis-stress.


The famous Canadian pioneer in stress studies, Dr. Hans  Selye, determined that the good stress, which he named “eustress”, was incredibly beneficial to human development.  Challenging ourselves builds character and can produce positive neurochemistry if we align our emotions to the outcome.  For instance, you have heard of the “runner’s high”. This is where the exhaustion and physical overload of long distance training can actually cause a euphoric feeling generated by “happy” brain chemistry like endorphins and encephalins. Selye also noted that after a threshold was crossed, those same stressors in another person could be viewed as dis-stress, triggering a completely different mix of brain and body chemical reactions.  A great chiropractic mentor, named Reggie Gold, described this dance as the Chemistry of Life.


Let’s face it; we are a product of our choices.  Each time we allow ourselves to be the victims in a situation a new and different set of chemical reactions take over. If the positives are uncovered and focused on, we learn from the experience and we produce better and more resilient brain chemistry.  If we are left with doubt, anxiety, frustration and fear, a chemical spill the size of the Exxon Valdez takes over our lives. Perspective rules the brain-game. As a chiropractor for many, many years I have seen what happens when these persistent life views take over.  They literally, “stain” the nervous system. This phenomenon, known as a subluxation, can be measured and seen using specialized scanning technologies.  Its available in chiropractic offices and is known as the Insight scan and the report is known as a COREscore.  These invaluable tools pinpoint where the nervous system is no longer capable of distributing a perfect signal.  The great news is that for close to 120 years, chiropractors have been perfecting the detection and the correction of the subluxation without the use of drugs or surgery. A precise adjustment to the spinal nerve system actually releases an incredible array of positive nerve chemistry which ” erases” and resets the old patterns of stress and negative neural chemistry.


In the end, happy thoughts, loving perspectives, positive lifestyle choices and a chiropractor who cares can set the stage for transforming dis-stress into eustress. It’s as simple as that!

Money = Energy

When was the last time you thought about money?

A day ago?

Was it an hour ago?

20 minutes ago?

2 minutes ago?


If we are honest with ourselves, we will admit we spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about money: how much we have or don’t have, how to repay what we owe or invest what we’ve accumulated, or simply how to get some more!

In today’s society more than ever before, money touches every aspect of our lives.


Never before has money been so pervasive in our lives and so complicated. Today we have more options about how to spend, save and invest our money than ever before:

more options, more demands, more messages and more confusion


The two most common ways we comprehend money are through numbers and feelings.

Through numbers it’s things like account balances, mortgages, income, net worth, bills, prices…

Through feelings is either about inadequacy, fear, sorrow, anger, guilt or overwhelm…or the opposite which is excitement, gratitude, pride, accomplishment, generosity, security, joy.


Thinking about money solely in terms of numbers keeps it separate from our self-worth, and keeps us from internalizing its essence. We know that money is about more than numbers.


Thinking about money mainly in terms of how we feel about it is also limiting. How we feel about money certainly has an impact on how we experience it in our lives. Exploring our feelings around money can be enlightening: it can help us make appropriate spending and investment decisions. However, our feelings sometimes get in the way of making sound financial decisions. if feelings are our primary way of relating to money, it can be difficult to deal with it intentionally and objectively.


I propose a third, much more powerful and effective way of understanding money.

Money = Energy


Money is a natural resource. This is probably one of the oldest ways of understanding money. Money is currency. The root word of currency is current, meaning movement or flow, as of a river or an electrical charge. This offers us a more dynamic understanding of money; it circulates, it can be converted from one form to another, as the current in a river can be converted to electrical current in a power-generating station. If money is the current, we are the conduit: it flows through us and we direct its use.


There is great power in understanding that money is currency. We can deal in dollars, pebbles or barter – all are ways of exchanging energy. To attract more, we can change the focus and intensity of what we do to earn this currency!


We can create more value to attract more money.

Wow…this can actually mean there is something WE can do ourselves to change our financial state, our financial thinking, and our reality.


Start simple.

Picture money flowing to you, not away from you.

Picture an abundance of money and well being in your life.

Shift from negative thoughts and feelings about money, to stronger and more powerful thoughts.

Picture the future you want financially, not where you are currently.


Let’s start on a journey to be “Well-thy”.

What RAW means to me – a Stress Guru’s perspective.

Real Authentic Wellness matters. RAW is the difference between the posers who think that wellness is just another supplement or exercise routine and the dedicated practitioners and followers of the true wellness movement.  RAW is about the real nature of wellness.  Wellness is a state of being that is expressed from the inside and is outwardly expressed with beautiful movements, clear and true emotions and creative thoughts and actions. RAW stems from the truth that you were born to express the perfection of strength and certainty. However, there are certain rules that have to be learned or experienced to play the wellness game full on.

The words “truth” and “trust” are born from the same root.  Once you can recognize the truth that wellness comes from the inside and is then expressed outwards, you can begin to trust the process of healing and the power of wellness.  If the focus is strictly on the outward symptoms, the fear of illness and hopelessness can overwhelm the trust that the power that made the body can and will heal the body.

Lets face it, this can be viewed as a  pollyanna perspective. The truth is that there are limitations to recovery and management but not because the body gave up but that the overwhelming history of illness is so deeply set that disease and change have a strong hold. RAW is based on the knowledge that the body is not giving up, just working its way around the depths of the long standing changes.

Behind all performance and healing is the truth that the inborn guidance system, honed and developed and available in every cell’s DNA, must have a way to express itself. The truth is that all experiences of being a powerful human force stem from the understanding that we live our entire lives through  our central nervous system. Every thought, emotion, movement, metabolism and recovery is related to the dynamics of the nerves. Our brain, connecting to our bodily functions through the spinal cord and the neurotransmitters, listens and adapts every instant we are alive.  The more we nurture and trust the CNS the greater our RAW experience will be.  Healing, calming,challenging, stimulating and adjusting the neural-dural core is the foundation of all wellness.

My role in the RAW collective is going to be to strike a RAW nerve and keep you all focused and inspired to love the way your body is working despite the story and symptoms it is telling you. The RAW Nerve will remind you that healing is always available from the inside-out.

The Financial Slice of the Pie?

Dr. Martha says it well…The Individual Wellness Pie always has seven slices: emotional, familial, financial, nutritional, environmental, physical, and spiritual – each slice is equal in terms of importance and balance must be maintained to achieve optimal wellness.


Many of you reading will ask why something like financial is included in health and wellness. This is what makes RAW so unique and timely – because to date there has been so many misconceptions about the definition of wellness. There are more views and definitions than I could even summarize for you. What I do want to help you be aware of is how something like financial balance, and financial well being, can be part of your health, vitality, and wellness.

To me financial well being is about “Well-th”. How to create sustainable financial balance and wealth. As a Chiropractor, Coach, and Educator about money and wealth, I want to ask you questions to help you reveal more about this facet of your overall life.

Let’s start with the simple question, Are you Well?

How do you answer that. Do you move first to the lack of symptoms or disease. Most of us, and the majority of my patients over all my years in practice, focused immediately on the physical aspects of health when I asked them this question. Yet after working with thousands of patients, I began to realize that the mental component tended to be the largest single factor in their health and well-being.

It was far less about the symptoms someone had, and more about how they thought about their overall health. And how they thought about life! I could take someone with a great attitude, an optimist, that had way more physical symptoms, and find them happier and more balanced than someone that appeared in a more balanced state of physical health.

So I quickly learned that the mental aspect of health and well-being was incredibly powerful. This realization had me ask a lot more about someone’s thinking, and to my surprise I generally found the number one thing on people’s minds when asked these types of questions was MONEY.

For some it was the lack of money, or a stress about something they just purchased. This could often be triggered by wondering how they could afford to live a wellness life and lifestyle, and purchase healthier options. For others it was what to invest their money that they did have in.

I learned to ask the question: When did you last think about money? Answers would range from just moments ago, to hours ago. Yet the general trend was that some facet of finances and financial well-being was top of mind for over 99% of the people I was asking!

And it was incredibly interesting to watch someone’s body posture and expressions when we would speak about money and finances. A lot of ‘stressed’ postures were revealed – hunched shoulders, grimaces on their faces, tight and stressed postures.

Many of us have “Money Subluxations”: these are areas of your life, relating to money, that are in constant irritation and are the source of ongoing stress and frustration. Then we spend much of our energy and life force attempting to cure the symptoms of this problem. It’s time to get to the source.

At RAW we want to include this facet of your well-being as part of our discussions. A balanced pie chart on wellness will include an awareness of where you fit on the financial balance perspective. What are some simple steps you can take to view your beliefs and attitudes around money.

We will help you on this journey of discovery – through blogs with questions and simple actions steps about money, finances, and “Well-th”.

We want you to be wealthy, healthy and wise!

You don’t just wake up a wellness junkie

You don’t just wake up one day a wellness guru; it’s an evolution that begins with a spark. Every wellness guru whether self-proclaimed or well-known once walked in the same shoes as you – scared, nervous, and questioning the hype – trust me, I was there.

I can think back to when I thought people who didn’t vaccinate their children and pets were abusive and people who swayed from specific foods that “weren’t good for their body” and “avoided fast food” were just bizarre and confused.

I remember thinking it was too difficult to be “healthy” or “strive for wellness”.

Yes, at one point I believed that sickness was part of life and that my actions didn’t matter.

You are not alone, at one time everyone was there, well if I have a say the children of the future will not be there and I guess there are a few blessed individuals after my grandma’s genre that were “raised” knowing wellness.

What will it be for you or what was it for you, that pivotal moment or a-ha moment when you shifted your perspective?

I was an acid reflux sufferer for about twelve years (10 years old to 22 years old) with undiagnosed celiac told that ulcers were normal for me, that I had to have anti-acids to survive, and that it would just get worse until the next intervention took place and I believed it!

Let’s be honest, I owned it.

I owned it until, entry year at chiropractic school when my student intern told me that I had a curve in my upper back affecting my digestion; I thought he was nuts but honored his recommendations as part of my education. I thank God, everyday, I was open to change because that catapulted my journey to wellness.

No, I am not going to tell you that that was the moment, which completely changed my life, I have always been a “tough nut to crack” but that was what began my journey that lead me to the wellness guru I am today. What I will tell you is my acid reflux went away and this was the moment in my life when I made the shift in my thought process that sickness was inevitable to wellness is my inheritance.

This was the pivotal moment in my journey toward wellness that completely shifted my thought process from “I am destined to be sick” to “I am destined to be well”.

Wellness and sickness are both choices, they are both lifestyles. You don’t just wake up in any lifestyle it is an evolution. Look at any “rags to riches” story, individuals don’t just go from fast food and sketchy motels to four star and foie gras overnight it’s an evolution that takes place it’s a lifestyle that evolves.

There are a few different types of people reading this blog: “full-blown” wellness junkies, individuals who are “new” to the wellness lifestyle, those who are questioning the “hype”, or those who are plagued with sickness looking for options.

You are a wellness junkie if you get what I am saying and one event caused you to dive into the wellness world, whether you immersed yourself slowly or quickly, you are eager to learn more and “change” more in the pursuit of overall wellness.

There are some who have just begun the journey and are looking to learn a bit more, some with hesitation and others who are eager to absorb as much as they can in order to add more tools to their wellness arsenal.

Some really have no idea what the “hype” is about and are interested to see what they can do for their life, whether or not they apply it has not been decided.

Then there are those who know that wellness is their only option as they are plagued with sickness.

I find that those who feel they have no alternative are most open to change, most likely to make the shift toward a wellness lifestyle; not a judgment but the truth after countless consults. It is my hope that every individual seeks wellness before they are plagued with sickness and I know those that are “sick” would agree – do it before its too late and/or too hard.

And, yes, I will acknowledge there are those who have no desire to “jump on the wellness band wagon” but I believe the number is getting smaller and smaller!

Wherever you are I applaud you because you are reading this blog, so you are at least interested in making a change whether great or small. What will you choose –wellness or sickness?

The Individual Wellness Pie

I love it when I see ads for magic pills and drinks that will “transform your life, help you lose unwanted weight, cure depression, and make you well” and if you buy today you get a “free bottle”.  

To be up front and honest, I am all about being a efficient and getting the most stuff done in the least amount of time, so if there was one drink I could glug, a pill I could swallow, or a button I could press that would give me complete, balanced, overall wellness that was safe, free of side effects, and actually legitimate – I would be 100% in! 

Actually, I would buy stock in the company and be the main face behind the company because that is what EVERYONE is looking for but that is not the case. 

The truth is wellness is not just one thing it is a recipe, what in life is really one thing? 

As long as we are talking about recipes, you may as well think of wellness as a pie, cut into seven slices.  

Let’s call this tasty pie – the Individual Wellness Pie.  

The Individual Wellness Pie always has seven slices: emotional, familial, financial, nutritional, environmental, physical, and spiritual – each slice is equal in terms of importance and balance must be maintained to achieve optimal wellness.  

It’s human nature to want to take a bigger slice of a pie you love just like some slices of the Individual Wellness Pie will “taste better” (be more interesting or easier) but again its about balance.

The human body craves balance, the more balance the less stress on your Innate Intelligence (more to come on this!) and the better you will function.  

It’s easy to over indulge in one area, but balance is needed whether now or later.  

Life really is about choices, without sounding like my father Big Fred – all choices have consequences so always take that into consideration when choosing to favor one aspect of wellness or to overindulge deducting a little bit from your wellness account because over time it will add up. 

If you’re eager to learn more about each section of the Individual Wellness Pie –you’ve come to the right place.  Over the next several weeks we’ll break each slice down for you so that you can choose where each section of the journey starts, or continues for you.  

So, with that in mind start looking forward to slicing up your Individual Wellness Pie today and keep an eye out for each accompanying blog soon, mmmmm!

WHY RAW Authentic Wellness?

Globally we are getting sicker, so if you are looking for better health, avoidance of sickness, or overall wellness you are not alone.

The interesting imbalance in the whole healthcare scenario is that each year healthcare expenditures increase, but we also see an increase in sickness – how can this be? 

In 2013, according to The World Health Organization, global expenditure for healthcare was $6.5 Trillion dollars (US).  The number alone is shocking but what amplifies it – is that while spending goes up each and every year, globally sickness is on the rise.  Personally I have yet to hear that any country or any population is actually getting healthier. 

It is becoming more and more clear that we have a “healthcare crisis”.  So, what’s the answer? The answer is simple, a movement toward wellness, globally and that starts with YOU.  

First, let’s identify the most common misconception associated with wellness; there is no “quick” fix.   Regardless of what you have been told, what you saw on a commercial, or if your best friend had great results; wellness is achieved over time and does not come in a pill, a bottle, a shake, nor is it any one thing. 

Wellness is a recipe a set of ingredients that when combined together in a balanced ratio, creates a desired outcome. So, yes a shake or a bottle of vitamins may be an ingredient in wellness, but singularly it is not wellness.  

When looking at wellness it is important to look at all that wellness encompasses: physical, chemical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and environmental; each aspect is important and must be acknowledge as part of an overall wellness regimen in an individual’s life.  

Referring back to a recipe, without the combination of all ingredients in their proper portions, you will not create the perfect entrée, desert, or whatever you seek to create, for the sum of the parts creates the whole.

Yes, wellness takes effort.  What in life that’s worth anything does not take some initiative? Nothing.  

Notice, I said effort not hard work! 

I am acutely aware that with all the media hype, social media, and infomercials wellness can be confusing and adding to that we live in a world owned by pharmaceutical companies, but that is another blog in itself; which is how RAW Authentic Wellness came to fruition. 

RAW Authentic Wellness is a movement toward balanced wellness in all areas -chemical, physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental.  We encourage all individuals to make a conscious shift toward living an authentic existence through Real, RAW, & Natural means – achieving overall health, happiness, and healing, and an ongoing desire to be REAL Human BEINGs.

Join the movement today with us and live a #RAWsome existence! 

Authentically yours, 

Dr. Martha Nessler

What is RAW?

Dr Martha Nessler – RAW Authentic Wellness Founder, Chiropractor, Essential Oils Authority, and International Speaker writes:

You were created to be healthy, happy, and to heal.   All three are within your reach.

Hearing that statement may throw up some questions right, which I can completely understand.

You are probably wondering, if the intention of a human being is to be healthy, happy, and to heal – why in the world is everyone so sick, unhappy, and medicated?

I get your frustration and that is exactly where the concept of “RAW Authentic Wellness” was derived.

Over the past eight years as a chiropractor, professional speaker and ever-evolving wellness guru, I have had the privilege of interacting with thousands and thousands of people, with whom I have heard and shared their frustration in regards to health, healing, and happiness.

A large percentage of the world has awakened to the fact that globally, we have a “sickness scenario” and rather than decreasing with the increase of pharmaceutical use, sickness is on the rise and escalating.

This leaves people asking, “How do I get healthy and stay healthy?”

In this pursuit of health, happiness, and healing, individuals turn to friends, family, the web, experts and “professionals” to find the necessary tools to begin to transform their current state of health, seeking to maintain or to regain their wellness.

I do want to acknowledge anyone who takes the initiative to seek wellness for them and their family, I have respect for anyone who strays from the societal norm, in which sickness is accepted as a necessary part of one’s existence. Sadly, there are for more people who choose to believe that sickness and disease are the “norm”, rather than believing “health, happiness, and healing” are our birthright.

I, also, want to make it known that it’s really important that you know who you are collecting information from, just because they are family, friends, health “professionals”, or on the web does not make it true.

We live in a VERY confusing world driven by marketing strategies and multi-media all targeting consumers for sales and profit. Sadly, the majority of them don’t know much about an individual’s over all wellbeing.

When marketing strategists are looking to promote a product, such as a new diet fad or a cure-all pill, they are thinking about their product not about overall wellness for an individual or their family. They are considering their job, which is to sell a specific product to consumers and generate a profit.

The problem is most people don’t think about the underlying motives when researching and purchasing healthcare products or regimes, they just want answers! Who can fault them?

But, in today’s society, it is imperative that individuals look at the “why” behind the marketing before they make their purchase.

As it pertains to this blog, since we are talking about RAW Authentic Wellness, I want to really talk about the word wellness.

For the past few years the word, wellness, has been a favorite of the marketing industry. In hopes of luring in potential consumers, marketing strategists have grabbed on to the word wellness and used it if for any product that is slightly healthy, makes you lose weight, keeps you younger, appears to have vegetables in it, contains a vitamin, or remotely resembles anything that could increase overall health and stamp it wellness.

Why? Simple.  We live in a world that is plagued with sickness and disease where people are looking to make a re-route from sickness to achieve overall wellness.

The outcome has been overuse or, let’s be honest, abuse of the word, wellness, which has left people feeling confused to what TRUE wellness is, how to achieve it, and leaving them discouraged when wellness is not the ultimate result!

It’s important to understand wellness is not something that happens over night nor is it something that you can buy in a bottle. Wellness is best described as a recipe where a set of ingredients, which when combined creates a masterpiece. A RAW Authentic Wellness lifestyle where individuals seek Real, RAW, and Natural health through five main avenues of wellness: physical, chemical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and environmental.

As a Chiropractor, I am just as frustrated if not more with all the confusion that has ensued with the wellness hype.   Rather than sitting in wishing, I decided that it was time to create a movement toward RAW Authentic Wellness with the ultimate, motive being to get others to join me in my pursuit to “Be a REAL Human BEING”!

RAW – RAW (Real) .Authentic. Wellness.   Now let us show you our take on what that’s all about!